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The Final Day: where we go from here...
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The Final Day of ICA4 began with two thought-provoking lectures from **Shimon Ullman **and Zaven Paré, discussing how humans extract information from complex scenes and the peculiar nature of the relationship between humans and robots. Pare then revealed a provocative example of an existing robot that is addressed to isolation in a contemporary urban environment. The Fellows then took a break to explore the 3D virtual campus of the Paris IAS, called Teemew Campus Alpha, in which lounges, public seminar rooms, private meeting rooms and workshops are accessible to ICA4 Fellows and Mentors. Each Academia member possesses an avatar, created from his/her own image, which is then used to navigate through the IAS cyber campus. The Fellows then discussed their follow-up tasks and next step(s). The first session of ICA4 in Paris was then wrapped up with a presentation from, this time, the Fellows! They highlighted some questions to explore further, ideas for research papers, an interdisciplinary manifesto for Artificial Intelligence and finally, they reflected on the key takeaways from the entire event. The intellectually intense series of events was finally concluded with some cocktails at the Paris IAS, marking the very beginning of a series of scientific adventures which are yet to come, as the ICA4 Fellows continue to collectively explore some seemingly never-ending questions through combining various perspectives on Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, ultimately discovering and shaping how such complex matters should, and will be, embedded within societies...   Read more

By Atrina Oraee
Day 7: "We know everything, but we understand nothing!"
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The Fellows and Mentors of ICA4 embarked on their last scientific trip to The École Normale Supérieure of Paris. Two back to back scientific sessions were held in the morning, both of which described the current issues related to Artificial Intelligence and offers future perspectives. The first lecture was given by the Director of the École Normale Supérieure (ENS), Marc Mézard, who stressed that we need a better understanding of AI. This was followed by a talk from the famous economist, Philippe Aghion. He discussed the impact of automation on the labour force, and how AI can be used to boost innovation and growth through facilitating the process of creative destruction. Both mentors emphasised a need for a global set of ethical rules and regulations. The day continued with a presentation of ENS and concluded with a discussion session among the Fellows, as they began preparing their presentations for the plenary seminar on the Final Day of ICA4.   Read more

By Atrina Oraee
Day 6: A trip to Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence - SCAI
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While at SCAI, The ICA4 Fellows plunged into the philosophy of computation with two ICA4 mentors, who are philosophers of cognitive science (_Jack Copeland _and Oron Shagrir). The day continued with a presentation of SCAI from the Director followed by a tour from the robotics labs. Finally, Xiao-Jing Wang explained why Artificial Intelligence needs the prefrontal cortex.   Read more

By Atrina Oraee
Day 5: "an Argus with billions of eyes and ears, capacity for action, and infinite memory!"
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While impossible to precisely predict, the convoluted future of AI may be presented in terms of some major challenges it will inevitably face within the upcoming decades. The ICA4 Mentors shared their views and thoughts on this fascinating, and intellectually challenging, subject over a roundtable discussion in the halls of Paris IAS!   Read more

By Atrina Oraee
Day 4: A visit to The University of Paris-Saclay
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The Fellows embarked on their first scientific trip for ICA4 and were hosted by Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris-Saclay **throughout Day 4. The sessions at Saclay included two thought-provoking talks by Xiao-Jing Wang** and Jay McClelland, both of which touched upon the principles underlying cognitive behaviours, as well as the difference between human and machine intelligence. These were followed by a symposium on AI at University Paris-Saclay. The symposium was followed by a half-day event with multiple workshops in which ICA4 mentors discussed major advances and issues surrounding AI with other world-class researchers such as Stanislas Dehaene. Finally, the intellectually intense day came to an end with a talk in which Zaven Paré raised important questions regarding how we will interact with AI algorithms and intelligent robotics in the decades to come...   Read more

By Atrina Oraee